What does Sewar mean?

Sewar Clothing was founded in July 2018, we aim to bring quality and style for all shapes and sizes. We have no experience or background in business no piece of paper to tell us what we can or cannot do but we have a vision, hope, motivation & hunger to succeed.

We are Michaela & Jardine and we are your Sewar Directors! Stick around with us on this journey as we learn grow and reach our goals. 

How did we choose the name? its one of those things where you’re thinking on it for hours, days even weeks but you don’t want to have to think about it too hard. We had many name options but they never worked out, always ended back at square one with nothing! As usual on a typical afternoon for us we watch a movie or a few episodes of our latest addiction. I (Michaela) had already fallen asleep and jardine was thinking of brand names in his head while watching tv. Moments before Jardine turned the t.v off a character said “we’re stuck in a sewer” so he repeated the word to himself a few times and it sounded like something we could work with and a major sign. One of those in the moment moments where you take it and roll with it. we found meaning & motivation in this and we never looked back.

So what does Sewar Mean? Sewar Clothing​ stands for Creation and Opportunity in a world full of obstacles. The Word Sewar was influenced from "sewer" and is a representation of your low point, your grey area, bottom of the bottom (just like a sewer) and coming back from that! no matter what your sewar situation. It could have been money, crime, depression, a break up or even a job you just cant stand, everyones story is different. In short words our "Sewar moment" was realising we needed to stop complaining, stop living the same cycle & start living and create a happy life! and we are doing that through our Clothing. Even though we may have started from such circumstances, we believe we are all more than capable and out here “MAKING IT" with what we have through all obstacles and challenges no matter where you came from or where you started!
Like everyone else we just want a damn good life doing what we love!

We hope when you wear our clothing you feel just as good as you look!
Thank you for Reading!
Sewar Directors, Jardine & Michaela