A New Chapter

As time goes by we look back and reflect on our accomplishments and where we would like to lead in the future. Over the years we have felt and heard the doubts people have had toward us and our brand. From this our passion is fueled & we exceed the expectations some have held for us. We have learned alot over this time but we are still yet to be where we know we can be.
In this point in time it feels important to us that we, some what wipe the slate clean to make room for bigger & better things. We have our biggest release planned for this year with a range of all new everything this will reflect our step away from our previous branding sewar clothing and a step toward Sewar Collective.
This first step toward our relaunch is to extend our sale on all existing items in store. By doing this we make room both mentally and physically for our venture into Sewar Collective.As we evolve we remember what we stand for as a brand & take this with us into the new chapter.
Thank you everyone who has stood by us through our journey. The supporters have always outweighed the doubters & for that we are forever grateful to you all! We look forward to writing this chapter with you. Much love fam