Demitree Collection

In loving memory of Demi Alexis Johnson 

    Demi and i are first cousins, growing up i was always too old and cool for my younger cousins and too young to be bugging the older cousins but Demi was never too cool for me. We spent a lot of time together growing up, always next to eachother. Some of my favourite memories i will cherish forever and though we grew distant as we got older she always supported us on our buisness journey, our biggest supporter! She owned most pieces we had released in the last 3 years, a more impressive collection than our own. Demi had asked "how do you name your collections?" We name them after our friends, family & things that inspired the design. She said "if you ever want to name a collection after me, call it Demitri" she was random like that with many aliases, from Kauri Mauri to alien - if you know you know. This isn't how I imagined giving her own collection but it is an honor to do so. I hope to make you proud. In your memory we've created a collection that keeps giving & growing, we will always add to this collection whenever a thought of you inspires a new design. Demitree Collection, created in loving memory Demi Alexis Johnson.

    Things you should know about this collection

    • Demi named this collection herself
    • All the product names in this collection are named using the many aliases she had used in her life time
    • Her favourite colour is orange
    • Demi had a love for aliens, plants, crystals, animals, softball, groovy hats and fashion
    • The Kauri Mauri tee was hand drawn by Sewar co-founder Jardine Kaata
    • The Kauri Mauri Print is a staple in this collection / we will add different colourways & styles in this print depending on which way the wind is blowing
    • If an item is limited release this means it will only be released in limited and smaller amounts


    Love always, Nu